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Where’s Ye Booty?                                                                         
                                                                    Use these Coordinates for Park Access first!: 30 23’ 33”  90 06’49”
#1- Walking the plank in “Neighborwoods”       Coordinates for chest:  30° 24’ 03’’ N, 90° 07’ 02’’ W
“Walk the Planks” of this beautiful neighborhood park in West Mandeville. You can get to it by turning on to Heaven's Drive off of Hwy.22 (near area of Goodwill). Proceed down Heaven's Dr. to Garden and take right. Park Entrance at end of Garden.  Once in the park, at the first outlook point, “take a seat” and observe information about a “new friend”.  Treasure box is at foot level.

#2 - Pirate Headquarters at “City Hall”       Coordinates: 30° 22’ 25’’ N, 90° 04’ 43’’ W
Locate the “Little Library Treasure” near the playground behind Mandeville City Hall (Paul D. Cordes Park) and discover the life-long treasure of reading. 

#3 - “Park your Booty ” at this Trailhead Stop       Coordinates:  30° 21’ 42’’ N, 90° 03’ 54’’ W
Keep your gaze at eye-level in the very southwest corner of this “Park-n-Ride” park.  A  stately Magnolia in the corner holds the “Bird House” treasure.

#4 - “Pirate Lookout” at Sunset Point        Coordinates:  30° 21’ 38’’ N, 90° 05’ 41’’ W
Follow the brick road to this historic lookout point.  Gazing south across the lake, the ‘booty” will be at 1:00 on the dial.  You must be secretive and not give the location away.  Remember: follow the path around the gazebo! Treasure box is a foot level.

#5 - “Pirate Ship” Docks at Harbor Pavilion       Coordinates: 30° 20’ 58’’ N, 90° 03’ 38’’ W
You must use pirate stealth when locating this treasure! This foot level treasure box blends in with the railings and requires a keen eye and sneaky capture so that un-knowing civilians won’t find your booty!

#6 - "X Marks the Spot at this Final Stop"     Coordinates: 30° 23.434’ N, 90° 5.132’ W     
Every Pirate Explorer needs to refuel from time to time! Your final stop is at Mandeville’s newest source for great
food. The treasure box will be located at Guest Services Desk at counter-level.
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