All You Need is a Map and
A Penchant for Adventure!
Have you ever dreamed of finding hidden treasure?

Then Ready Ye Sea Legs and
“Discover the Treasures of Mandeville” through our
Interactive Treasure Hunt!

Local non-profit, Have a Heart thru Art has teamed up with Whole Foods Market Mandeville to host a FREE Outdoor Treasure Hunt to provide adventure, entertainment, and education for young and old alike!
Not to mention the fact you could win some serious Booty! (that’s pirate speak for treasure)

Our hunt, “Discover the Treasures of Mandeville”, highlights 6 locations
in Mandeville which are true gems that everyone can enjoy. 

All you need to participate in this free contest is a map and a penchant for adventure.
Using your map and pirate stealth, or a modern-day GPS or smartphone,
you will have two months to locate each treasure chest hidden at the 6 locations.
Each chest will reveal an item when opened that must be logged on your entry form.

Once you’ve found all the chests, drop your completed entry off to
Whole Foods Market Mandeville, pick up a free bag of Pirate's Booty Popcorn
and you’re registered for the drawing!
Be sure to visit the other pages on this website for all the details you need!

Copyright 2016 - Have a Heart thru Art